Course Rules

  1. Members and guests may only play if they wear soft spiked shoes. This ruling may be changed for Championships.
  2. Green fee players must buy their green fee cards (which are not transferable) before starting their round. The card is to be attached visibly on the golf bag. If this is disregarded, the player may be asked to leave the course!
    Members must attach their membership badge visibly on their golf bag.
  3. Right of play
    1. Week days : 2’s before 3’s and 4’s
    2. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 4’s, 3’s 2’s
    3. No more than 4 Players in a flight.
    4. Players in a tournament always have the right of play.
    5. All players playing a full round have the right of play over a flight playing a shorter round.
  4. Overtaking
    If a group is delaying the flight behind them they must let the faster flight through without being asked to do so irrespective of the number of players in the faster flight.
  5. Range balls are to be used exclusively on the driving range and should not be removed from there. By breach of this rule the culprit may be sked to leave the course.
  6. Each player is responsible and must repair his pitch marks on the greens.
  7. Player must at all cost avoid damaging the greens and for greens.
  8. Divots, pitch marks and all other damage through the green must carefully repaired.
  9. Before leaving a sand trap after having played from it, players are expected to carefully fill up, and smooth over all the holes and footprints with the provided rake.
  10. Golfers using electro carts have no special rights on the course. The drivers are expected not to drive over tees, for greens, or between green bunkers and greens.
  11. Serious breach of rules or Etiquette will be brought to the eyes of the committee and it will consider taking appropriate disciplinary actions.
  12. Dogs are not tolerated on the Championship course. Dogs on leashes are allowed on the Südkurs.
  13. We would appreciate if the players would wear appropriate golf clothing in and around the club house.
  14. At prize-giving ceremonies or parties, guests are deemed to be clothes accordingly.


  1. Privilege
    Unless otherwise determined by the committee, priority on the course is determined by a group’s pace of play. Any flight playing a whole round is entitled to pass a flight playing a shorter round.
  2. Pace of Play
    Players should play at a good pace. Flights have the responsibility to keep up with the group ahead of them. The committee may establish the pace of play guidelines which all players must then adhere to.
  3. Green keepers working on the course have priority at all times
    Players must see to it, that they never endanger anyone through their game.